things to do in Marrakech

things to do in Marrakech

Maybe if I ask you :What do you know about MARRAKECH? You will answer :It is a big touristic city in MOROCCO ,nice ,beautiful…etc but If I ask you what are the important things to do in MARRAKECH maybe you will not have visited many places as I did.Here is my story with this beautiful city.

MARRAKECH city!!!  It is a really very rich cultural city, the red city, the largest tourist city in Morocco .I spent there some extraordinary days, the perfect holidays ever, and I just can’t shut my mouth after all beautiful views my eyes saw, because it won’t be fair to not talk about things to do in MARRAKECH, where to go, and how AMAZING this city is because it’s a place where you can relax and just enjoy being impressed by the completely different culture. It is a city to explore on foot, you do not want to miss a thing. The beauty is in every single detail.

My trip started by resting in a hotel called PALMERAIE, its name came from the palm trees, and we can see that in its leafy and greenish gardens which make you relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. It has also pools and restaurants or restaurant bar… But I couldn’t wait to go out and I kept thinking about things to do in MARRAKECH.


majorelle garden

My plan for the first day was visiting the majorelle garden, its name came from the name of the Painter Jacques Majorelle who spent 40 years improving his passion and creativity by creating this magical garden. A big green garden by its different plants and big palms trees and spaces of cacti and bamboo. Moreover, it contains a fountain at the entrance, and another square one called “Majorelle Blue”, a Berber Museum, a Museum bookshop, Boutique Majorelle, Café Majorelle, Water lily pool, Yves Saint Laurent Memorial. It was a very nice and relaxing day.


jemaa el fna

The next day I visited the bewitching place which changes from day to night ; jemaa el fna square, the pulse of MARRAKECH : A big amazing piazza by its fresh orange juice stalls, water sellers called ‘’Guerrab” wearing traditional clothes and holding with a traditional bag of water, Snails sellers who sell this kind of food, I mean delicious food, because I liked it, it is hot and soft, and there is old men – called snake charmers – who plays with snakes and cobras  by teasing them by the sound of the flute, which tease also music lovers just like me, I swear those sounds got me. We found also people who plays with trained monkeys wearing clothes in a funny way, and people enjoy their time by taking pictures with those monkeys and watch their moves, and when I watched how talented and well-trained of the monkeys is I couldn’t leave without taking a picture with it. While taking pictures of this amazing places I noticed some tents and I was so curious to find out what is in, so when I entered one them I found men with black skin wearing blue and white and yellow clothes, I asked them what they do, and the answer was an invitation to experience the Moroccan tea, I loved how nice they treated me so I accepted the request and I sit on a pillow on a mat decorated by different colors. I waited the men to prepare tea in front of me and I was impatient to taste the tea. So, when he finished he gave me a cup of tea to drink it, and when I tasted I loved it so much, I was crazy about how good the taste is. I also enjoyed my time by playing different games, such as hunting a bottle of Coke, but I wasn’t really good at that at all, I couldn’t win even though I played many times. Other things I really liked was the women doing Hanae tattoos, the photographers, the groups of dancers called “Oulad Sidi Ahmed ou Moussa’’ wearing clothes in red and green – the same as the colors of Morocco flag- dancing a creative dance with acrobatic movements. There are also some circles of people whom name is ’El Halqua’, it contains stories tellers who share wisdom by telling stories, or comedian youth who tell jokes and a lot more of customs and traditions like some artist playing different music instruments such as Oboe or as we call it flute and a round instrument called ‘’Taarija’’ and many others … the thing make you recognize that there is a lot of things to do in MARRAKECH to have fun and enjoy your time and make you feel actually speechless in front of what people do to show their culture and share it with strangers as tourists from Morocco or other countries with fun and happy faces and very friendly people all around .

There is also a souk in jemaa el fna, typical winding souk and countless treasures, from bags, to ceramics. You can find whatever you’re looking for such as literature, handicrafts, or food, there’s always a street for everything. You can get lost for hours in these amazing street, just like I did, I was lost for real for hours but it’s really funny how you enjoy the trip because at the end you’ll find your way out. Sellers there sell almost everything, clothes, traditional and modern ones, jewelry accessories, and especially the ones made by hand, and a lot of souvenir shop for tourists, where we can find many MARRAKECH’s symbols as bags or accessories. And the most beautiful thing I enjoyed was the smell of the Moroccan spices such as the famous one ‘’Saffron”, and yet there is olives seller and oil sellers and many things that tease you to spend money in many different pleasurable ways. You should just relax, and explore, and discover some locally made treasures just like I did.

At nights jemaa el fna became completely different than during the day. It is amazing. You can walk quietly while there are a lot of movements  around you because the square has a lot of place, and it became noisy and full of active people with trolleys come to the Square and cook their specialty as the snails I already talked about. You can sit whatever you want and eat the food they made for you. And t is super cheap. There are also people acting, so you can enjoy seeing a show while you are having your meal and maybe having a cup of the amazing green tea they made, it is just unbelievably tasty.


Koutoubia Mosque

The third day and while I was walking, I was surprised when I noticed the masterpiece! Woah! Koutoubia Mosque! The most famous symbol of MARRAKECH city. It looks really old and big and awesome, with characterful arches and rigid proportions, it’s an admirable piece of architecture. I kept walking around staring at this captivating building so long, and tooفk many pictures there to show my family and all my friends the wonderful view they’re missing, and enjoyed hearing the call to prayer coming from the top of the minaret. I really appreciated the architecture of this important building.

The next day I went to eat my lunch in El Menara Gardens, old gardens which are planted by olive trees, and I was just amazed about how these places are large and make you feel peace and relax by the fresh air and good climate. There was a big basin full of water, and a fabulous flag painted in green and a white color with a yellowish tinge. I took also the chance to try the camel rides; it was very funny because I was scared at the beginning, but the owner of the camel helped me to feel confident and to try it, and after some minutes I forgot about my fear and I enjoyed my funny experience. After that I enjoyed trying the ‘’TAJIN’’ in lunch, a plate with meat and onions and potatoes and tomatoes and olives; so delicious.

I promised myself to visit many other places before I leave the wonderful MARRAKECH city.  So, I went to see El Badii which is one of the two principal monuments of the Saadian Tombs and El Bahia Palace, made and inlaid with precious stones which give them the breathtaking view.

Then I kept walking my way till I reached Saadian Tombs; the second principal monument of the Saadian, whom made me sensitive and emotional because I saw there those tombs of magnificent and brave people who made their city proud of them by being the greatest in the past. The walls of this masterpiece and the ceilings were encrusted with gold while the inner court had a massive central pool with an island, and four gardens. At the center of each of the four massive walls were four pavilions, flanked by arrangements of pools and fountains. I really thank those people who are trying to do their best to make beautiful buildings for tourists to share the culture and the history of their city.

After that I passed by many “Bab” – which mean the door – in MARRAKECH city; Bab Agnaou, Bad Doukala which has around many book sellers, old and new books, and I can say that you can find anything you want there because I found some books that I was looking for long time ago… Then I kept looking for another terrific and marvelous buildings made by amazing sculptors. The designs and the decoration made people speechless, I swear words can’t describe well the perfection and the beauty I see.

After this days of visiting many places I decided to take a rest and experience the steam bath since I never been in one, So I went to the spa called HAMMAM DE LA ROSE, it means the steam bath of the flower, what a beautiful name! I spent there hours and hours of relaxing, it helped me to feel totally comfort, I got massages to all my body, and I took a warm shower in the steam bath; it include a lathering with black Moroccan beldi soap flavoured with sesame seeds, and I just felt so good, people there are so kind, and the area were calm and everything was cool and amazing, that’s absolutely something everybody needs after months of work and overdose stress and thinking, it helps people physically and morally to recover energy and to be motivated. I called the stress reliever.

One more thing I must talk about it for sure, considering  things to do in MARRAKECH city, it is food! Yes, food is amazing, it tastes different and delicious. I was so excited to try the famous plate in MARRAKECH city called ‘’TANJIA”, it is meat and onions cooked in a small pot of clay, they cook it in a conventional oven called “AFARNOU”, and they cook in it the bread too. When I smelled the smell of the plate I couldn’t resist to try it, and when I did it was just amazing and so smooth.

My last day was full of activities, I tried the horse-drawn vehicle (kootchee)and I went to Agdal Gardens, those gardens are the old gardens in MARRAKECH city just like the ones of El Menara Gardens. They are characterized by how large and big those green spaces are.

My experience was really motivating and made me recognize new places, and see terrific and awesome views, and also enjoy being with Moroccan people and learning and discovering more about their culture and traditions. I made new friends, I enjoyed almost all of the time, I mean every single minute I spent in MARRAKECH city. I advice you to visit MARRAKECH city, you should or even you must definitely go to there to discover amazing buildings, and know about their history stories, and to meet people who are very kind and nice and friendly with everyone, to know how they live and of course their amazing culture, and for sure without forgetting about the food’s good taste. And I can say that maybe Marrakech is called red city because you’ll find love wherever you go in all its streets. It is a such fantasy land full of treasures, it is a city for all your senses.


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