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Land of mystery is the current name of Morocco, a place worth to visit, it becomes now the dream tourist destination for many people from worldwide. Rich history, diverse culture, lovely tradition and many natural resources that what is qualified Morocco from others. Have a diverse natural resources, Beaches, desserts, mountains and nature. Uncountable places to explore, Agadir, Fes, Marrakech, Tangier, Essaouira, Casablanca and other cities.


For 300 days of the years, the sun brightly shines and makes for a good setting time for any extraordinary vacations by visiting deserts, beaches and snowcapped mountains. You would not really want to miss the chance to visit such a culturally rich, warmly and environmentally lovely place.

Morocco, by its history, rich culture and also the consciousness of the government to exploit intelligently these resources, breaks the challenge that created in 2001 in order to receive 10 million visitors in 2013, and for being the more visited African country. With its high potential resources the government has worked hard to boost the tourism sector.

Many pillars that made Morocco improved its tourism industry, increase its number. Let you discover them in the few next lines.


For the last few years, economically, Morocco knew a heavily growing and considered the more stable African country politically. The remarkable development showed by the country reflect the great efforts made by the government, it succeed to make it cheap and exotic, yet safe, desired destination for the foreign tourists.

The plan of vision established on 2010 by the king Mohammed 6 based on a strong strategies to achieve the number of 10 million visitors, helped to improve the industry of tourism to attract more and more foreign visitors.

In other side, is the great efforts taking by the country to improve the infrastructure to sustain this number of tourist. By improving rail and road link, also opening more airlines to facilitate the coming. Consequently, it make the come into the country easy, comfort and more safe.

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