Moroccan tour Guides - From Morocco with loveTour guides have a lot of complaints, starting from accessibility to safe and convenient pick up and/or drop off areas to a minimum respectable pay package the list is huge. It is common to see guides sharing their thoughts on the dismal condition of the Moroccan Tour guide industry and planning on how to solve these issues.

Professional Tour Guides v/s Electronic Tour Guides

One of the most important issues at hand currently, and one which is not getting enough attention is whether or not morocco tour guides are becoming obsolete. In this age of electronics and smart phones, there are numerous apps that provide electronic tour guides. They are also far cheaper than Live Moroccan tour guides. These electronic guides pause when we want to take a photo, repeat itself endlessly in case we miss some commentary and they are never over booked and are available whenever the client wants them.

As a Moroccan tour guide, it is quite hard to imagine competing with someone who had those characteristics. The electronic guides are obviously going to be deemed superior. But the live Moroccan tour guides have one advantage over the electronic ones, the fact that they are live humans while the other is a collection of computer programs. Nothing can beat a living and breathing, knowledgeable and entertaining tour guide showing you around each and every corner of his beloved city in one of the cheap holidays to morocco.

Today’s GPS enabled electronic guides tell you everything you want to know about the location you want to know about. They give you details about the best cafes and restaurants nearby and provide you with reviews of hotels. They also allow you to save maps, pictures, videos of your tours and even allow it to share it with your friends. These applications are increasingly becoming integrated with the travelling norms today. Today, in morocco tour, if one wants to know about the opening time of a museum or about the local train schedule, they usually turn to their smartphones. One interesting facts about these apps is that they are usually developed by people who have best knowledge of their cities, namely by the local Moroccan tour guides.

The future of Morocco Tour Guides

Many opportunities arise from these Guides sharing their knowledge in order to create an Guide app around a city. These can range from commissions to branding rights. A Moroccan tour guide can earn a few hundred dirhams from giving a few travelers a local tour of his city while simultaneous he can make hundreds or thousands of dirhams from all the commissions earned from the travelers who download these apps. Thousands and thousands of these electronic tour guide apps are being downloaded in cities all over the world by travelers who visit these cities. But what role does the local professional city tour guide play in this industry of electronic travel guides? Will it be that the professional tour guides in the future will complain about the information contained in the electronic apps come from amateurs or will the Moroccan tour guides see this as an opportunity to earn more revenue.

One advice to Moroccan tour guides would be to understand in what way the competitive landscape is changing and plan ahead in order to achieve your own success.

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