You probably have never imagined that Morocco was a preferable destination for celebrities in the past.But you will believe until you see the pictures of these famous people in Morocco.
The beauty of its landscapes, but also his spirituality, Morocco is a country that has fascinated celebrities worldwide and forever. This photo reportage shows artists, models, musicians, actors and politicians who have come to a time in Morocco in search of inspiration.

  1. Keith Richard, in searching for a new experiences surveyed a street in TangierMorocco Tourism - Visite of celebrities
  2. The French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent visited Morocco to find inspirationMorocco Tourism - Visite of the celebrities

During the 70, December 1 and June 1 of each year, Yves Saint Laurent moved to Marrakech to draw a fortnight his haute couture collection. Morocco, he discovered in 1966, will have a great influence on his work and its colors.


3. Yves Saint Laurent and Betty Catroux supermodel, known for being his muse in Marrakech.Morocco Tourism - The visite of Yves Saint Laurent

Anecdotally,  during these year that Yves Saint Laurent discovers Morocco and buy fifteen years later the Majorelle garden.


4. Top American model Suzy Parker visited Morocco to take beautiful mode pictures

Top American Model visited Morocco


5. Among the top model, Lisa Fonssagrives too, the Swedish supermodelThe visit of Lisa Fonssagrives to Morocco
For history, Lisa Fonssagrives was the first top model in the history of fashion photography, her trip to Morocco was a golden opportunity to take fashion photos


6 .As for the former supermodel Dutch, Willy Van Rooy, it’s another story.Supermodel Dutch, Willy Van Rooy visited Morocco

It seems that it benefits from Morocco as a career
Willy van Rooy, was born in The Hague in the Netherlands. She was a top model in London, Paris and New York. She also designed accessories for Yves Saint Laurent, who lived in Marrakech at the time and Karl Lagerfeld.


7. The great masters such as William Klein fashion photography took

William Klein in Morocco - Morocco Tourismbeautiful fashion photos with the background of the Morocco
The American fashion photographer William Klein visited Morocco to take some shots.


8. Peter Fordham, the photographer of the celebrities of the 70s has chosen Morocco to take his best shotsthe visit of Peter Fordham to Morocco
Peter Fordham is an English photographer known for the official photo album of John Lennon’s “Imagine.” Visiting Morocco, there is this 40 years, the photographer was given to heart joy in browsing Moroccan roads, stopping here and there time for a shot … Peter Fordham allegedly taken during a trip to tourism in the kingdom, a collection of photographs of rare beauty of Morocco 70s.

the visit of Peter Fordham to Morocco

9. Talitha Getty and her husband Paul Getty

Talitha Getty and her husband Paul Getty visited Morocco - From Morocco with love the hippie-bohemian icons developed their style in Morocco
Talitha Getty was one of the richest and most beautiful people that is part of European Jet Set. She was also one of the first followers of a chic hippie style, now called “bohemian chic”.


10. Another photo of the couple jet-setters in Marrakech, but this time in full color

the couple jet-setters in Marrakech - from Morocco with love



11. The Rolling Stones have often stayed in Morocco in search of new soundsRolling Stones viseted Marrakech - from Morocco with love
The Rolling Stones is the first British group to succumb to the charms of Morocco. In 1967, Brian Keith, Anita Pallenberg, Mick and his new girlfriend Marianne Faithfull in Morocco.


For the record, in their song “Laugh I Nearly Died”, Mick sings: “I’ve been to Afria looking for my soul” .This gives much food for thought ….

12. Keith Richards and Anita Pallenberg in Marrakech

Keith Richard and Anita Pallenberg in Marrakech - From Morocco with love
It is in Morocco that Keith Richards, rock band guitarist and his band are introduced to sebsi and maâjoune in the late 1960s, along with actress Anita Pallenberg.
13. Keith Richards, guitarist of the Rolling Stones discovered new sensations in Morocco

Keith Richards visited Morocco - From Morocco with Love

14. Mick Jagger and Marianne Pallenberg looking for inspiration in the streets of TangierMick Jagger and Marianne Pallenberg in Morocco - From Morocco with Love
Mick Jagger, who already knew the city Strait, regularly visits places like El Hafa, Petit Socco and Cap Spartel. Hotel El Minzeh saw land the five rockers, a disarming ease. Far from playing the stars, they took advantage of the city blows of tips and champagne, party members more around the hotel pool, and Mick bazaars between the Medina and small cafes where he likes to sip Mint flavored tea.


15. Mick Jagger took his visits to Morocco to work with Moroccan artists

Mick Jagger took his visits to Morocco to work with Moroccan artists
Mick Jagger that records with Bachir Attar and the Master Musicians of Jajouka.

For five days end 80, the legendary rock group discovers this time the city of Tangier, where they will record Continental Drift, with the Moroccan legendary group the Jajouka. Jajouka was the city that was to host the forty musicians to record an album of Stones. But far from technically gather all the elements to record the disc, the two groups meet in Tangier.
16. Brian Jones, guitarist and founder of the Rolling Stones off to discover new culinary experiences

Brian Jones visited Morocco - From Morocco with Love
17. Jimi Hendrix visited Essaouira for it regain his freedom
No this is not a myth.imi Hendrix visited Essaouira - From Morocco with love

Jimi Hendrix is coming to Morocco in July 1969. He traveled to Morocco after an incident with Canada Customs since the star was in possession of illegal substance. Not wanting to live in fear of isolation but also by seeking the isolation and tranquility to complete a music project, Jimi spent 11 days in Essaouira. He eventually became an icon for the city.


18. Robert Plant, lead singer of Led Zeppelin was introduced to Moroccan music

Robert Plant in Morocco - From Morocco with Love
Jimmy Page and Robert Plant were held in Marrakech in 1994 to record an album MTV Unplugged.L’album N “o Quarter: Jimmy Page and Robert Plant Unledded” appears in October 1994.

It contains tracks recorded with Gnaoua musicians: “Yallah”, “City Do not Cry,” “Wah wah”.
19. Contrary to appearances, Peter Orlovsky, Jack Kerouac and William Burroughs, members of the Beat Generation, a literary and artistic movement, are not only come to enjoy the beach in Tangier
The city Strait was in the 1950s, the refuge of William Burroughs, Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg, the founders of the Beat Generation.

Burroughs compound as coke and heroin, most of his major work, The Naked Lunch. A surrealist novel, terrifying journey into madness of the drug, which dynamite literary codes.

Peter Orlovsky, Jack Kerouac and William Burroughs in Morocco
20- The writer Paul Bowles lived a half-century in Tangier and contributed to the revelation of native Moroccan authors of the city as Mohamed Choukri
Known as the man who launched the trend to emigrate to Tangier écricre, American writer moved to Tangier definitively in 1947 and served as the first port of call for visiting writers later. His novels “Sahara” and “Let it Come Down” explore uncertainty in North Africa and the temptations of the city of Tangier.

The writer Paul Bowles lived a half-century in Tangier - From Morocco with Love


21- The American actress Elizabeth Taylor came several times in Morocco and was inspired to develop his fashion style
Elizabeth Taylor was often his shopping in the boutiques of the Place du Petit Socco.

The American actress Elizabeth Taylor came several times in Morocco - From Morocco with love

22. Winston Churchill stayed several times at the famous Hotel Continental
That’s when the Casablanca Conference in 1943, Winston Churchill discovered for the first time Morocco.

The latter is completely fallen under the spell of Morocco. In this photo, Chruchill gives the victory sign while riding in a motor boat in the port of Safi.

Winston Churchill visited Morocco


23- The Barbara Hutton billionaire organized the most lavish parties in his palace in Tangier If Hosni
Tanger also attracts bohemians and jet-setters all kinds. Shortly before the 70s, the city already had a bad reputation: the heiress Barbara Hutton, known for its lavish parties, was a regular in the city of the strait where she received the international intelligentsia.

The milliardaire Barbara in Morocco several times - From Morocco with Love


24. Through his visit to Morocco, Pierre Bergé, the businessman has a nice collection of Islamic art
In February 1966, Pierre Bergé Yves Saint Laurent spent a few days holiday in Marrakech. They are literally fallen in love with this city. The Islamic art collection of Pierre Bergé and Yves Saint Laurent has recently been auctioned. The collection of nearly 180 Moroccan art objects, including weapons, embroidery, weaving, ceramics, jewelry, carpets, and architectural elements, which were exposed in the Majorelle Garden Museum.


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