morocco holidays

Morocco holidays

Morocco is the richest country in the world, when I saw some pictures of my friend‘s Morocco holidays, I find myself running out of interesting, there is to many exciting places to visit. If you are someone who loves travelling to discover new places and enjoy your time, then you should definitely add Morocco holidays to your travel list.

If you come to profit Morocco  holidays you’ll be surprised about how it takes care of its traditional buildings, you’ll be amazed about the incredibly sights, you’ll just love this country. There are amazing nal homes with gorgeous tiles, mosaics and gardens and palaces. The best bit is, you can see these amazing traditional homes right next door to amazing modern structures. There’s no need to go looking for beautiful buildings, you’ll see them if you walk through the surreal, winding streets of Marrakech or duck into one of the hotels and riads (traditional houses).

My Morocco holidays begun in Casablanca city, the famous city by its arts and decoration shown in its buildings and the modern-day masterpiece such as the Hassan II Mosque. I spent a pleasant day by exploring Casablanca city by walking in its streets in old medina and watch beautiful views as this city walls, then went in the other side of the city, the new medina by jumping in a taxi to see Quartiers des Habous, the new medina. I couldn’t for sure forget about visiting the beach too, and take a rest watching how people are very friendly, just playing with each-others, and ice-cream and tea and coffee and sandwiches sellers all around, I didn’t miss my chance of course, I bought a glass of sweet mint tea which was very cheap even though it was incredibly delicious, and watching the sunset; What an amazing view! It’s like the sun pierces the sea slowly to disappear and show us the stars in the sky.

The next day of my Morocco holidays  , I kept going my way travelling by the train in the morning to Rabat city. This city’s history is long and colorful, it contains many Arab monuments, some dating from the 10th to 15th century and others that are more far older. Then I went to the near city from Rabat called Salé walked up to Kasbah des Oudaias, and I just enjoyedthe wonderful views over the Atlantic Ocean. Afterwards, I continued my way to Meknes on train for like three hours. This imperial city of Meknes was built when Sultan Moulay Ismail set out to create his own version of Versailles, using over 25,000 slaves to construct walls, gates and over 50 palaces. I’m really thankful for the idea of Sultan Moulay Ismail’s own version of Versailles, and very proud of all the people who worked hard to make those beautiful buildings that are so attractive, it gives more pleasure to the eyes, you must not forget to take your camera with you wherever you go, Morocco holidays have a lot to show.

Just after I woke up I took my way to visit Chefchaouen, a tiny town in Morocco’s Rif mountains. It was a last-minute decision to make, when I heard so many wonderful stories about the dizzying medina and its narrow blue buildings that I wanted to see and visit it for myself.  I took an overnight train to get there, but the way to reach this beautiful city was worth it.Getting lost would have been frustrating anywhere else, but in Chefchaouen it was part of the fun for me, when I get there I started to explore this extraordinary city by walking and its blue and white colored streets.

I couldn’t wait for the next day to see Safi city too. This coastal city is one of the oldest city in Morocco and naturally has a rich history. It was one of my exciting city to visit, since it’s known by its traditional arts, and also, it’s a successful fishing and industrial port. Safi city is really a place to relax and explore the culture of Morocco because of its vast and intriguing history. So, I just packed my camera, putted walking shoes and got ready to discover all that the road less traveled by to offer. So I went to see the Atlantic port city of Safi city and it was absolutely and amazing place to explore.

At the morning of the following day, I made hours of drive to Fes, known locally as Fes el Bali, this city is the spiritual and cultural heart of Morocco by being vibrant, noisy, fascinating and overwhelming with a huge old city that I can consider that it is the mother of all medinas. Watching the sunset over the Medina is an experience you’ll likely remember for a long time.

My trend in the next day was to Midelt. I could board a private minibus and just leave the intensity of the city behind for the tease of the scenic Middle Atlas Mountains for like 4 hours. Here, you have to just stretch your legs as you explore and take a closer look at local farming life in the near village of Bremmem, and visited Kasbah Myriam, it is the perfect place to pick up a souvenir. Here I could check out a unique optional traditional music performance.

The following direction took me long a bit, it was driving for five hours towards the mighty Sahara Desert. And since I rented a car, I had the lucky chance to stop in many places and take pictures and just fall in love and admire the views of Kasbahs and palmeries. I stopped riding in a small Saharan settlement of Merzouga. I can’t describe the view of the orange-colored Erg Chebbi sand dunes, the charming Saharan village of Merzouga which feels wonderfully isolated, I just forgot everything and left that modern world behind. I took the chance to motivate myself a bit by mounting a camel for an hour sunset ride into the amazing desert and live the moment of a true exciting adventure. The Erg Chebbi dunes are definitely the most  stunning  in the country and an essential part of any Morocco holidays  . I spent the night in desert in a camping tent under the stars, the time to rest and relax.

The next part of Morocco holidays  was to go visit Ouarzazate, nicknamed by the door of the desert because of its  local amidst three valleys at the gateway to the Sahara. A wonderful place with a hot climate almost all over the seasons of the year with a bit of fresh winds. Itransferred to a hotel with swimming pool to rest a bit, then I continued exploring the town that was originally a stop for trans-Saharian caravans.

Afterwards, I went to see Essaouira city. I took a morning walk through the valleys and trails of the stunning Atlas Mountains. The sandstone walkways contrast with whitewashed houses, the bright blue sky and the sand of the surrounding beaches and dunes. What beautiful this sights are!Its charm has seduced me to spend more time exploring my morocco holidays. After that I decided to rent a riad, a traditional house that’s a calming oasis away from the buzz of the medina. The riad was beautifully designed and decorated in a traditional style, Moroccan style; cozy and yet historical. This was likely one of the most memorable stays of my journey.

Then, Marrakech time! The red ancient, exotic city that I was so excited about it. Marrakech is a feast for the senses. I was enticed by the alluring scents and brilliant colors of the spice markets, the awesome sounds of the musicians, the rich folds of the carpets, the delicious foods. I spent like all the late evening at the famous Jemaa el Fna, one of the largest public spaces in the world. When night falls on this big piazza it transforms in to a hive of activity and became a noisy place by its music and sellers and people walking all around. Snake-charmers, henna-painters, the dance of the group called Oulad Sidi Ahmed Ou Moussa, the performers and storytellers share this big square place with a street food bazaar, packed with stalls loaded with Moroccan delicacies, including snail soup and the fresh orange juice. Ireally enjoyed my time by having a long walk and getting lost in the square and the streets of the souk, and I finished by having a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. After that I was planning to go to a hotel to rest, but I couldn’t resist and leave this amazing piazza so at the and I finished my day with a cup of tea on one of the roof-top restaurants overlooking the square.

The last city I planned to travel to on my morocco holidays was Agadir city, the owner of the best beach in Morocco, the old and new city since it was destroyed itself by an earthquake back in the Sixties. And rather than rebuilding what was left, the officials decided to start from scratch and make a whole new city. That means that Agadir city became filled with broad, and palm-lined avenues edged by cafés, and high-rise hotels flanked by blossoming parkland. But in fact, this city had just covered the old one by amodern cover by its buildings which can face fool you though. But when you look behind the scenes you can see that it hasn’t lost any of its old-world charm shown even as you wander past the contemporary restaurants and stores, you’ll always come across colorful bazaars, spice-scented souks and spindly minarets.Agadir city just have putted me in a good spot day trip.

This incredible morocco holidays  took me right into the heart of local Moroccan life. Morocco has so much to offer and you’ll never get bored of its cities! The food here is something to remember for good, the tastes of different males can stick in your head! Morocco’s got you covered in anything you desire, and to be honest, the food alone is probably reason enough to pack your bags and head to Morocco!  The taste of the meat and vegetable in Tagine can make you feel like you have never eaten something called meat or vegetables, you’ll discover you’re missing a lot in this fabulous country. You have to taste also the couscous or the bread made by women in the countryside, Pastilla and soups like Harira (chickpea soup), and for sure drink the super tea which makes you feel how warm and sweet Morocco is.

Morocco  holidays has so much more to offer than meets the eye, everything here is wonderful, you can do many things and visit different places with cheap prices. When I was planning my  Morocco holidays I thought I need a lot of money because of how incredibly my friend told me this country is, but in fact I was surprised about how cheap life is here, food is very cheap, and also renting cars or a room in a hotel with fine benefits, or buy souvenir. It is just the perfect place to enjoy and spend a bit of money of something that worth to spend money for, to travel from city to another to see amazing views and buildings and see what the greatest people made in the past, and for sure a place to meet nice people and make new friends.

The whole point of morocco holidays was to bring refreshment, by clearing up my head, resting my body and mind, facing a new environment and being isolated from the everyday surrounding and problems, and made up fresh thoughts, and my morocco holidays are successful indeed considering this goal and it brought about a transformation I actually didn’t expect. After feeling stuck for months back, I finally found my inspiration during those few days in Morocco. So, all you have to do is to be leaded by those steps and travel to Morocco to discover yourself what you’re missing.

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