Moroccan wedding blankets

I’ve been smitten with these stunning blankets ever since I laid my eyes upon them for the first time. And I was completely gobsmacked once I learned of their origin…

Moroccan Wedding Blankets are an ancient Berber tradition that remains a part of the culture for traditional tribes in the Atlas Mountains. Weeks before a wedding ceremony, a very special blanket is woven for the bride, often by a female member of her own family. Lamb’s wool is hand spun and hand-loomed, infusing the blanket with baraka (blessings from God).  Looms are treated as living things in Berber culture and command a unique reverence. Therefore, it’s believed that the tremendous prayer and care taken during the weaving process instills in the blanket a sort of talismanic power, to bring good fortune to the marriage, fertility to the bride and to avert the evil eye. The loomed blanket is then embellished with thousands of flat sequin “mirrors” that are meticulously sewn by hand, one by one, in a process that may take weeks to complete.  Upon completion of the blanket, the nuptials are performed and the bride is draped in her blanket as she travels to her husband’s home. The blanket serves as a cape of sorts that is secured around the neck with often-elaborate ties.

Though the blankets are traditionally crafted of cream wool, they are sometimes seen in solid red, black or blue. No matter the color, the trademarks of a Moroccan wedding blanket are oodles and oodles of bushy fringe and those playful sequins. Using these gorgeous blankets as bedspreads has become quite fashionable in chic guesthouses throughout Morocco and Westerners have begun to carry the tradition home to the states, where they often command $1,000 or more. Moroccan wedding blankets have recently made appearances in several high-end design magazines and enjoyed many notable blog mentions in a veritable who’s who of the design world, fueling their popularity.

This is your chance to own a beautiful showpiece and a piece of authentic Moroccan culture. Enjoy as a bed spread, wall hanging and carpet or drape over a couch to add instant glamour…each is a true work of art and no two are ever precisely alike.

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