Savor the taste of the Moroccan sweets and desserts when you visit the country

Moroccan desserts

Moroccan desserts are particularly notable for the striking mix of flavors, which is often overpowering. If you were a sweet tooth then the Moroccan desserts would have an appeal to you. Here are some of the top desserts, which you can try out at the authentic restaurants. They are tasty and they are surely very unique as well.

Moroccan Stuffed dates

Dates are some of the most widely available fruits in morocco and hence it is beyond doubt that you will be able to find a lot of recipes, which make use of this particular fruit very judiciously. The Moroccan stuffed date is among those Moroccan desserts, which will stay with you forever if you try them once. Large dates that are pitted and then stuffed with other dry fruits like almonds, walnuts and topped with sumptuous lump of honey and cheese, it feels like heaven with every mouthful. The sticky creamy sweetness of date is very much dominated in this particular preparation.

Moroccan spiced gingersnaps

For those who are lovers of striking and spicy flavors even in their Moroccan desserts, this curious mix of coconut and ginger will surely be suitable for your appetite. The flavor of the coconut comes from virgin coconut oil that is used in the dough and these are basically cookies that you can have at any time of the day. This is one of those desserts, which would not get rancid with time if stored properly. As the name suggests these are very crunchy and more like a snack than just a dessert.

Moroccan rice pudding

Rice pudding is a recipe that has evolved into various versions with each culture and the geographical location. The Moroccan rice pudding is another Moroccan dessert, which is particularly very unique and yet familiar to all. Oranges, sesame and dates are inevitable in Moroccan preparations and one can find the flavor of oranges in this particular recipe to be quite dominant. The orange flavor comes from the orange flower water that is being used


This is a dessert that is unique to morocco. Composed of baking powder, orange flower water, vanilla eggs and much more, this recipe have a crisp about them and are particularly very tasty. The ghoriba is very much a dish for the kingdom of morocco and the grandeur of the preparation make it one of the most popular desserts that you can find here. The name of this particular dessert is also unique and is a local word of the national language.

Moroccan date bonbons

Another Moroccan dessert recipe that is based on dates primarily is the date bonbon. You can actually make these easily at home and adapt them according to your ingredients and style. In morocco the authentic date bonbons are composed of ground pistachios for the outer coating, Ground cardamom, salt, almonds, which are thinly sliced and grated oranges. The tanginess of the orange is retained and the unique and unusual mixture of the flavors makes it a perfect dessert of the exotic country.


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