Ifrane referred to as” the Switzerland of morocco” was first established by the French administration amid the protectoral era in 1928, Ifrane means caves in Tamazight the local Berber language.

The city was outlined in accordance with the “garden city model” a dashing style in the western Europe. with its European inspired buildings, Chalet-type Houses, curvy streets, leafy outlook  and its alpine climate Ifrane was meant  to be “hill station” for the expatriate European families serving as a chimera  to a suburban county life to retrospect their distant temperate homelands.

Noted for being  the favorite city of His Majesty King Hassan II Ifrane this imperial city benefits from the royal patronage and shelters an important cultural and histor

Ifrane’s cult landmark is  the lion sitting on the patch of grass near the hotel Chamoniox Legend has it that this lion was carved by an Italian captive of world war II.  to some extent it became a rituel for excursionist to have their pictures taken next to this stone lion in question.

Along with the lion the city Harbors  The showcase of Moroccan education Al Akhawayn (The brothers in Arabic) an English-language, American-curriculum university that entitles Ifrane as a “college town”.The aforementioned foundation was endowed in 1995 by the two kings: The late Hassan II of Morocco and King Fahd of Saudi Arabia .This prestigious institute is partly bankrolled by the United States and the British Council

Ifrane or the place where it feels like Switzerland relocated to the north of Africa sits picture perfect along a beautiful lake  below a breathtaking panorama of mountains, ergo it emphasizes the amazing contrast of morocco’s unique weather pattern that will blow one’s mind and make the first time visitors wonder if they are really in an African country .

this graceful city is an excellent destination for both summer and winter, the visitors look at it as a summer getaway where they can  find relief from the heat , picnic in its impeccable tidy carpeted parks and take a couple of hours to enjoy looking at the swans in the village lake and top it with a cup of coffee or a meal in the restaurants surrounding the square.

Furthermore the Swiss-like city offers to the sojourners the chance to ski in  the michlifine station, snowboard ,practice mule skiing or candidly throw snowballs… Who says you can’t build a snowman in Africa!!!

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