visit in Marrakech

visit in Marrakech

If this is your first visit to Marrakech, then you will probably want to see the historical monuments.

Marrakech boasts an impressive collection of historical monuments that significantly contribute to the city’s antique look and historical authenticity, which reflects the beauty and popularity of this exciting city that snatches the attention of visitors who come from all over.


El Badi Palace

One of the most ancient palaces in Marrakech. El Badi in Arabic means “Marvelous.”

The palace is located in the heart of Marrakech. It is considered to be one of the greatest achievements of the Saadian king, Ahmad al-Mansur, who ruled Morocco in the 16th century. El Badi was constructed to celebrate his victory against the Portuguese army in the battle the three kings.

Its construction took twenty five years, using some of the most expensive and diverse materials of the time. The original building is thought to have consisted of 360 ornately decorated rooms with gold imported from Sudan. El Badi was considered the finest royal residence in the Muslim world.


 Bahia Palace

The beautiful Bahia palace was built in the 19th century by the best builders and craftsmen in Morocco. It took six straight years (1894-1900) in the era of the grand vizier Ba Ahmed Ben Moussa.

The palace was constructed in two stages by two different men, a father and son who served the great ministers Alaouite Cherifian. It is a set of old houses which were collected and converted into palace. It consisted of two main areas using colorful “zellij” tile work and marble. It is considered one of the finest examples of the Islamic and Moroccan decoration. The Bahia Palace has been well maintained over the last century by the Moroccan government.

These two grand palaces are worth spending a couple of hours to explore the unique architectural style of the Islamic world which you will make you feel like you have entered another world.

Another historical monument that is well worth exploring is the Saadian tombs which were discovered in 1917. The Saadian tombs are located near the Kasbah Mosque. The main buildings were constructed under Sultan Ahmed el Mansour from 1578 to 1603. It is composed of three rooms. The most famous is the room with the twelve columns. This room contains the grave of the sultan’s grandson, Ahmad al-Mansour. The Saadian tombs are magnificently decorated with colorful tiles, Arabic script and elaborate carvings.


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