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Located in the northwest of Morocco Chefchaouen or Chaouen baptized ‘The blue city’ with its peculiar palette of blue is a city of a remarkable beauty and an historical heritage of a great eminence.

It is no wonder that tourists from all over the globe flock to this exotic city in Morocco. A picture perfect medina set against the beautiful backdrop of the Rif Mountains and filled with little homes having a unique shade of blue. If you have a few days off and just want to relax, then this is the perfect place to do it.

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History of the City

The city of Chefchaouen was founded in the year 1471 initially as a small fortress which still exists today. The city was endowed by Moulay Ali Ben Moussa Ben Rached El Alami in order to fight the Portuguese invading Northern Morocco. The Ghomara tribe of the region along with many Moriscos and Jews settled in Chefchaouen after the Spanish Reconquista. The city was colonized by Spain in the year 1920 to make it a part of Spanish Morocco. The city was returned to Morocco after it gained independence in the year 1956.

Overall , Chefchaouen morocco is an amazing and enchanting place for cheap holidays in morocco whether you are a history buff who wants to know all about Moroccan tradition and history or you  just want to sit back and relax or go on an exploring trip around the mountains surrounding the city. Whatever is the animus behind your visit, this place has it all.

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Uniqueness of the city

The name of the city `Chefchaouen’ actually refers to the shape of the mountain peaks above the city which have the appearance of two horns (chaoua) of a goat. There are hundreds of hotels scattered all over the city to cater to the influx of tourists from all over the globe, especially from Europe during summer. Chefchaouen is also known to be a popular shopping destination offering a lot of entirely unique native handicrafts that can’t be found anywhere else in the whole of Morocco. The woven blankets and woolen garments of Chefchaouen are quite famous as well as the goat cheese which is an emblematic local product to be enjoyed without moderation.

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The countryside is known for being a prominent source of kief, which is a derivative of the Cannabis plant. This region is also known for being a producer of Cannabis. Although it is illegal, it still cutivated in the area and represents a main a source of livelihood for a lot of people. Kef Toghobeit Cave, which is among the deepest caves in the whole of Africa, is also a nearby attraction for tourists.

The blue walls that surround Chefchaouen are also a popular attraction in this morocco tour. Several stories make rounds on why the walls were painted blue. The most popular one being that the blue colored walls keep mosquitoes away while another theory states that the Jews painted the walls blue back in the 1930s when they took refuge in the city. Inside the city, there are also numerous famous mosques.

chefchaouen town - From Morocco with Love

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