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Agadir  Aka The “Miami of Morocco” is a tourist attraction that sucks in an abundant streaming of journeyers and is considered the second after Marrakech in the national tourism ranking. this city offers visitors a splendid miscellany of art and culture and breathtaking sights ; let’s bring to light what this amawing city holds out

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Agadir is a modern major-league city located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, close to the foot of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. this metropolitan is surrounded by several interesting places including the Sahara desert along with numerous national parks and serene beaches which are all very easily accessible from the city. The city is located around 500 km to the south of the Moroccan capital Casablanca, and the language Tashelhit is the primary language that is spoken by the inhabitants of the area.

The Miami-like town is one of the most vibrant and popular destinations of Morocco due to its golden coastlines and  balmy subtropical-arid climate that makes agadir a strong contender . The beaches on the edges of the city stretch for around 10 kilometers and also loop around a bay on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The translucent waters and the powdery sand on the beaches have earned these beaches Blue Flag status.

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History of the City

The oldest mention of the city of Agadir is on a map from the year 1325. In the year of 1505, the Portuguese found a fort and a trading post on the foothill to the sea on a site of the neighborhood of Founti, which no longer exists. After this, the Portuguese were quickly exposed to the hostility of the local tribes and in the year 1541, Sherif Saladin Mohammad Ash-Sheikh captured the fortress in Agadir and took six hundred Portuguese as prisoners. Since then the city has served as a major trading post and a fortress.

Uniqueness of the city

The city was destroyed by an earthquake back in the sixties, and the officials had to start from scratch to rebuild the whole town. Today, the city is full of broad palm-lined roads, with Cafes on every corner and high rise hotels dotted all over the city. In spite of this modern face of the city, it has not lost touch with its traditional charm and has managed to preserve its culture beautifully. If you walk past the five-star hotels and cafes, you will come across traditional bazaars of Morocco with all its enchanting colors and scents of herbs and spices and tall minarets.

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Attractions and convenience

The City Centre of Agadir has broad and clean avenues which make it easy to get around on foot when you opt for cheap holidays to morocco. There are Petit Taxis(small taxi that takes only a 3 number of person) of Agadir, which are orange in color and are allowed to take you anywhere within the city premises that you wish to go. But if you want to go outside the city, it is best to take a big one, called in morocco “Grand Taxi”.

Agadir also has hundreds of restaurants dotted all over the city to make sure you never go hungry with a  various traditional dishes. The cheapest restaurants can be found in the New Talbourjt area of the city. You can have a meal for as low as 35 Dirhams which  is worth about 3 to 4 dollars . Besides this, there are plenty of restaurants along the beach where you can find everything from international fast food chains like McDonalds and Pizza Hut to fine diners and plenty of other restaurants cultures such a Thai and Japanese food.

Only a few words can not describe what that city holds as beautiful places landmarks and also with its kind people, you have to visit this city and you will live great moments.

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